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I live in Oregon.  Therefore, sweaters are a big part of my life.  Even in the summer, I almost always have at least a light cardigan with me, because the sunniest day often starts out as a gray and drizzly morning.  I also loathe super air conditioned spaces, so I usually stuff a sweater in my handbag just in case I find myself in a freezing theatre or meeting room at some point.

I’ve invested a lot of money in my sweater collection – over the last few years, I’ve tried to buy good cashmere whenever possible, since it’s what I always tend to reach for, even if I have another non-cashmere sweater in a color that would look better with what I’m wearing.  I’ve also had a tendency to buy multiple sweaters in the exact same style and color (black v-neck, black crew neck, black cardigan), but definitely wear one more than the others (the cashmere one).

Again, one glance at my sweater shelf was a clear indication that I owned too much of a good thing:


That shelf is actually pretty deep – what you can’t see in the picture is the pile of sweaters BEHIND the front row, which is stuff I don’t wear as much, but can’t seem to part with, or stuff I do wear, but has fallen behind the front row when I was stuffing other things in.

So, as with the process I used on the t-shirt shelf, I pared it down.  I found this one a lot more difficult.  A sweater at Anthropologie can cost anywhere from $98 to $168, and it’s hard to just toss that kind of spending in the resale/goodwill pile.  I have a lot of guilt for that kind of spending, especially if I didn’t wear the item enough.  Hanging on to it makes me feel like I just might start to wear it and redeem myself – though in my experience that is almost never the case.

I completely eliminated the “back row” of sweaters, parted with some rarely worn cashmere (didn’t love the color anymore), mended a couple moth holes on items I still liked but wasn’t wearing due to damage, and even tossed some old favorites that were just looking worn and shabby.  The hard part is I don’t have the money to replace these items yet.  But as you can see, I still have plenty and won’t be shivering anytime soon:


And again, as with my t-shirts, I could probably lose at least five or six more and not miss them.  As we move into fall, I’ll be keeping an eye on what is truly getting worn, and getting rid of anything that just sits there warming the shelf.

Next up:  Pants and workout clothes.


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