I hope everyone had a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever You Celebrated This Year.  Ours was really low key, very fun, and filled with a lot of love, but very little stuff.  Progress?  I think so.   The only thing Ron and I missed was taking our yearly vacation, which we chose to forgo in favor of paying off more debt.  We were definitely bummed, but I really look forward to NEXT Christmas when (fingers crossed) we will be debt-free, and have built up a ton of frequent flyer miles to spend.  And let’s face it, with our crappy luck this year, it would not have been a surprise to go somewhere tropical and amazing and have it rain the whole time, or be hit by a freak tidal wave or something.

Oh, and speaking of luck, Ron and I both gave each other a bunch of scratch-it lottery tickets in our Christmas stockings, and one of the games was called “Lucky 7”.  You scratch off your “lucky number”, and then scratch off a bunch of other numbers, and if one of them matches your lucky number you win the amount listed next to the number.  I scratched off the lucky number on mine, and it was the number thirteen.  I rolled my eyes and laughed and showed Ron.  “Of COURSE it’s my lucky number,” I said sarcastically.  “Because the year/number thirteen has proved to be so LUCKY for me.”

I ended up winning $2 on that ticket – and it was the only winning ticket I got this year.

Well played, Universe.  Well played.