After my last post, I got a lot of very encouraging and supportive messages from people, letting me know they were thinking of me and sending good thoughts. I really appreciate all the kind words – when everything feels like it’s falling apart, it’s nice to know that at least you have good friends who care about what happens to you.

I will admit though, I’ve always been a slight skeptic on the whole “good thoughts” thing, even though I too have often said to people that I am sending good thoughts their way when they are in crisis. And I mean it when I say it – I am wishing people well, from the bottom of my heart. But I don’t know that I believe it will actually DO anything. And it’s not that I wouldn’t want someone to say that to me – it actually makes me feel good. But I don’t really think good thoughts being sent my way can change anything – all it means to me is that my friends are wishing my situation was different, even though there is nothing they can do to change it.

I know my friend Julie would disagree – she is very “hooey-dooey” (her words, not mine), and is a big believer in holding space for good outcomes, doing vision work and vision boards/altars around dreams and goals, and sending good thoughts. And I will say, a remarkable amount of what she envisions for herself comes true. But I’ve never been 100% convinced that her visioning is what has brought that into her life, outside of how it probably keeps her focused on a goal. She’s a smart, charismatic woman and a hard worker, and I’ve always felt it’s those qualities that are the greatest contributions to her success.

However, since the post I wrote yesterday, and the multiple wishes of good thoughts I received, here is what has happened:

  • After closer examination, we have discerned once and for all that the leak in the bathroom ceiling is a plumbing leak, not a roof leak. We will not have to tear out the bathroom ceiling, or hire someone to fix the roof. Our lovely friend Mike, who is a contractor, came over and took a look at it and helped Ron fix the leak with simple plumbing tape. Now we just have to wait for the area that was wet to dry (should be tomorrow), and re-plaster the initial hole Ron cut in the ceiling to see what was wrong. We even have plaster on hand from all the work we’ve done on the basement, so we don’t have to buy any.
  • In the process of hunting down the leak, Ron discovered that one of the vents in the crawlspace that heats our bedroom was loose, and so all the hot air that should have been coming into our bedroom all these years has been blowing into the crawl space instead. Brilliant. But glad to know that’s why it’s always so cold in our bedroom – we thought it was due to poor insulation and have used an electric radiator to heat the space. Fixing the hole in the vent will probably change everything up there for the better – and without this leak situation, I don’t know when we would have come across the that revelation.
  • While Ron was in the crawl space, he also fixed a kitchen light that has been nonfunctioning since we moved in.  We even had electricians look at it at one point, and they couldn’t fix it from inside the house.  Ron has had it on his to do list for seven years, but was never sure what to do about it.  Once he was in the crawlspace, he could see the problem and how to fix it.  It is so nice to have the extra light over the stove now!
  • I called the vet about Stella’s paw, which we thought was the opposite paw from the one she had surgery on to remove the grass seed. It turns out we were wrong – it’s the same paw, so it’s likely there is just something going on with the way it’s healing from her surgery, as opposed to a whole new problem. We’ve been soaking it in Epsom salts this weekend (which she hates but whatever), and hoping it might heal on it’s own. If not, I have an appointment set up next week to take her to the vet, but it is unlikely we’ll have to pay for surgery – it will probably just be an office visit.

So maybe, just maybe, all those good thoughts people sent did us some good. And I would be more than happy to be wrong. If you were one of the good thought thinkers, thank you (specifically I am thinking of Sarah M., Val S., Heather W., Leonard M., Ronnie L., Mead H., Cate G., Kathy C., Bonnie H-W., John S., Rodney H., John B., Lindsay T., Lori F., Patricia K., Siobhan C., Danielle F., Michelle M., and Julie J.), but if anyone I didn’t mention held a good wish for us as well, I sincerely thank you too. You might be more magical than you realize.

(And can I also add how grateful I am to have a partner like Ron, who will exhaust every possibility of fixing a problem himself before he hires someone else to do it?  If he were not as smart, determined, and resourceful as he is when it comes to fixing things, we would be a lot worse off.)

sympathy doll

Look how hard this sympathy doll is sending good thoughts.  I am sending good thoughts to it too – namely, that it learns to spell.  (Photo credit: brendaj)