So, I had a blog post all ready about some things that had improved recently with our finances.  Ron and I have been excitedly counting down the remaining months – months, not years – we have to paying off all our credit card debt, and we’d been saying lots of hopeful things about what we’d do with the extra money when we finally didn’t have to make credit card payments anymore.

And then…

There has been a slight crack in the ceiling in our bathroom, above the tub/shower.  We’d noticed it, but weren’t too alarmed, as there was no leaking or other weirdness connected to it – it was just a crack.

That is not the case anymore.  The crack grew bigger, and emitted a fine blackish dust and a tiny bit of water that appeared in the tub below.  We finally knew we had to investigate, so Ron cut some of the ceiling plaster away to find we have a roof leak.  Fixing it will require cutting away probably a lot of the bathroom ceiling, hiring roof experts to fix the leak, letting everything dry, and then re-plastering the ceiling.  We don’t know how to do any of this, or what it will all cost.  My guess?  It will cost a SHITLOAD.  I hope I’m wrong, but unfortunately, more often than not I’m right.

Two days ago, I was remarking on Stella’s recent good health – she is 11 years old, and has had a lot of issues in the past three or four years – everything from weird inexplicable limping, to eye injuries that required a dog ophthalmologist, to nine rotten teeth that needed to be pulled, to a grass seed that got embedded between her front toes and grew into an abscess that required a $300 surgery to remove.  But lately, she’s been healthy and spry and not costing us any extra money.  Last night, we noticed she was obsessively licking a spot between her toes, and when we checked it out, we found a big gross blistery lump, which I’m guessing will require more expensive surgery.

I think I cursed us by saying she was doing so well.  I really do.  Because just two days ago, she was FINE.  Until I SAID she was fine, of course.

So scratch all that positivity about financial improvement, we are effectively screwed again.  Thanks for nothing 2013, you miserable, endless wheel of suffering, punishment and financial shittiness.  I will not be making the mistake again of being optimistic until the last effing dime is paid off.  If it ever does in fact happen. I’m sure there are people who will feel inclined to give me a positivity pep talk about my attitude upon reading this, but I would not recommend it, unless you’d like a whole lot of pent up wrath and frustration directed with no filter right at you.  No one else has been in my particular shoes this year, and those shoes have been relentlessly pinching and uncomfortable.  I don’t always talk about it here,  in an effort to keep this space from being a long string of whining and complaining.  But trust me, it’s been a terrible year.  I’m sick of all the setbacks we’ve had – it’s been more than our fair share, and just when I think maybe we’ll catch a small break, some other crappy thing happens.

Sorry, it’s just where I’m at today.


This pretty much sums up our household right now