Around the time Ron and I got married, I was in a pretty hard core shopaholic phase.  Because I had been so unhappy in my corporate job (which I had until two months before our wedding), I was in the habit of buying a lot of things to self-soothe – mostly clothes, makeup, and jewelry, but that list also included books, CD’s, DVD’s, and housewares.  And, I was also still in the phase of feeling like I had to buy a lot of stuff from the places I visited when I traveled.  It was not unheard of for me to need to buy an extra suitcase to get all my shopping home.

So on our honeymoon to Mexico (a week is Cabo and a week in Cancun), I went NUTS buying stuff.  I think Ron was a little taken aback at my fervent shopping and spending – we had lived together for two years, but he had never really traveled with me before – and definitely not out of the country, when my shopping would ratchet up a few notches.  He was very patient and indulgent, but I’m sure there was a part of him that was wondering what he had gotten himself into – and I know he did get sick of spending so much of our time scouring local markets for the “perfect thing(s) to commemorate our trip.”

I remember spending a fair amount of time on our last night in Mexico trying to stuff all our purchases into our luggage so we could get it home on the plane.  Some of the stuff we bought was big and heavy, so it was complicated -like bottles of tequila and Mexican vanilla, a bunch of painted tiles, one of those stupid, HUGE stone mortar/pestle things (that we still have and Ron refuses to get rid of even though we only tend to use it to serve guacamole at parties and it is a BITCH to clean), a colorful woven hammock, and a painted ceramic sink.

Yes, that’s right, a sink.

Looking back, I have no idea why we thought we needed to buy a sink, and we certainly wasted a lot of time looking for the perfect one. I know we knew we wanted to look for a new house within a year or so of getting married, so I guess we thought maybe we’d put it in a bathroom we renovated someday.  Which, for a souvenir type item, is kinda stupid, since if you move, you pretty much have to leave the sink behind.  We did in fact move to a new house in that time frame, but we liked the sinks the house came with, so the one we bought in Mexico was left in a box in one of our storage space in the basement.


The other day, while looking for something else in that storage space, I saw the corner of the box.  I tried to remember what the sink looked like, even vaguely – the colors, the pattern, anything.  I couldn’t remember anything about it, other than the fact it was a sink.  I asked Ron if he could remember what it looked like, and outside of a hesitant “…it’s blue, maybe?” he couldn’t remember either (it’s not blue).  Then I asked him what the likelihood was that we would use it anywhere in our current home, where we plan to be for a while.  We brainstormed that maybe we could use it as a drip sink in our basement bar, but when we took it out of it’s box and looked at it in the space, it felt too big.

I still think it’s pretty, and it kind of kills me to let go of it, because I know we spent a lot of time acquiring it, spent some decent money on it, and then dragged it home as carry on for two different flights (we had a really tight layover, and had to run through the airport to make a connection, with me carrying the hammock and Ron lugging the box with the sink.  It was ridiculous.  We did get our use out of the hammock though).  But ultimately, we had to admit it was something we were not likely to use.  And let’s face it, while I can vividly remember a lot of things about our time in Mexico, I couldn’t remember anything specific about the sink except the amount of time we spent on it.  I will always have that experience in memory, so I guess I don’t really need the object too.

Ron listed it on Craigslist.  Hopefully someone who is actually renovating a bathroom will get some good use out of it.