I’ve done a lot of consolidating and purging this year.  There are some items I come across that I’m pretty sure I will never use, and so I throw them out.  Then there are items, all of the same type, that I find scattered throughout the house, but I’m pretty sure I will use them.  So I gather them all up and put them in the same place as a reminder not to buy more since I already have so much.

My latest discovery?  I will probably never have to buy another tube or tub of lip balm for at least the next five to ten years:


That’s a ridiculous amount of lip balm right?  I only have two lips, and there are only so many times in the day you’d even need to apply it.  I don’t even think I bought all of it – some of it was given to me, some taken from fancy hotel amenities, some were gifts with purchase, etc.  When I cleaned out my old purses, I think I found a partially used tube in almost every bag.  Now that I have them all in one place, I am resolved not to buy any more until the ones I have are gone.  And of course, all this balm does not include all the lip GLOSS I own as well…oy.

Well, at least I’m kissable.