I recently realized that Ron and I have been together for a decade.  We met and got engaged in 2003, and were married two years later.  So officially, we’ve been married for seven years, which will soon be eight in August.  I can’t believe it’s been that long – time has gone really, really fast.

But it explains why I have also been noticing how beat up a lot of our housewares are.  Some of our things were wedding presents, and some were part of our individual households before we met (though we mostly kept the housewares I brought into the mix, since most of Ron’s things were decidedly…purchased by a bachelor, shall we say).  And yes, because I’m a shopaholic we’ve bought some new stuff over the years too.  But a lot of our basics like sheets and towels and dishes are looking really worse for wear.

It’s like we have the seven year itch – for housewares.

We can’t afford to run out and replace everything right now, but I decided to make a wish list of items I’d like to replace in various rooms, just to have my thoughts and priorities in order if I were to stumble across a really amazing sale somewhere, or someone was giving away something in great condition.  I asked Ron to give me his input as well, since I’ve learned over the years that our max-out level for items can be very different.

For the most part, Ron was like, “Okay, whatever” with my suggestions for things I wanted to replace.  Until we got to the kitchen, when he immediately said, “I HATE our tupperware.”

We were in total agreement.  In fact, not only do we both hate our tupperware, we both hate tupperware in general.  I probably shouldn’t use the term “tupperware”, because we don’t actually own any of the official stuff – but it’s the same animal.  Plastic food storage containers.  It’s not that we don’t find it useful – we do.  We use it all the time.  And that is why we hate it.  Storing all those different sized pieces and lids is a total pain in the ass.  And we both HATE HATE HATE cleaning it – like the fact that it stains and looks all worn and gross even when it’s just come out of the dishwasher.  And trying to dry it and get all the water out of the grooves in the lids under the lips of the bowls is one of my most despised chores (yes, I know, first world problem).  And once it is clean and dry, it’s all about clattering around trying to Tetris the pieces back into the cupboard.  I have noticed that when Ron and I unload the dishwasher together, we will both subtly work around the tupperware, hoping the other person will have to deal with it. And if you get stuck with it, you damn well take your time slooooowly drying it while the other person does all the rest of the work, because you kind of feel like the tupperware is punishment enough.

Our current set is a mix of actual thick plastic storage containers from one of those 20 piece sets, a partial collection of one of those “As Seen on TV”sets that came with a lazy Susan caddy that broke a long time ago, and a mishmash of those cheap Gladware storage containers you can buy a pack of at the supermarket.  Some pieces are from taking home leftovers from my parent’s house at Thanksgiving, or pieces friends have left when they came over for potluck dinners.  All of it looks terrible.  The lids of several of the better quality pieces are cracked.  Pretty much every piece has those white scratchy marks that come from washing it.  Not to mention, we have about five billion more lids than we do containers, because for a while Ron would take the containers to the dog park as water dishes for Stella and forget them.

So it was unanimous – we put “new tupperware” on our list with the understanding that when we had the money, or saw a really great sale, we were going to get more.

Later that afternoon, while buying Mother’s Day cards, I was walking through Macy’s on the way back to my car, and I saw a “One Day Sale” on storage containers.  But not crappy, hard to dry, looks horrible after a couple washes plastic containers – this was a set of glass Pyrex ones.  They would not be a pain in the ass to dry!  They would not look disgusting after a few trips through the dishwasher!  They were on sale, and I had an extra 20% off rewards coupon, that would take the price down to $21.  I called Ron for a quick confab, and we agreed to go ahead and get them.


When I got home, we pulled out all the old containers, and got rid of anything with a broken lid, or that looked super stained or terrible.  We kept a small selection of the least worn supermarket Gladware, vowing to replace it when it started looking horrible.


You will not be missed

Then we opened up the new Pyrex containers.  Ron was actually really pissed when he realized the “10 item set” advertised on the box was counting the lids, so you actually were getting five containers instead of ten.  I agree– that’s a cheap trick, Pyrex.  However, I also kind of like that we have less containers, because one of my pet peeves is when we make too much food and end up eating the leftovers for days on end.  If we don’t have enough containers to store the excess, maybe that will curb how much we make of something.  Half the time we get sick of eating it or forget about it and end up throwing it out anyway.  Maybe our lagom food storage collection will help us find our lagom where meal making is concerned a well.

Not to mention, it is soooo much neater and easier to store: