So remember my friend Lucy, who was wondering if she should apply to the Comedy Studies program at Second City in Chicago?  And I was all, “Girl, DO IT!”?

Well, she DID IT!  She applied, and she got in.  She leaves for Chicago in the fall.  When she called to tell me, I was overwhelmed with joy at the happiness and excitement I heard in her voice as we talked about it.  To feel like that about your life is the goal of being here, isn’t it?  I can’t wait to hear how it goes – and I told her to feel free to call me if she ever needed to be talked off the ledge on a bad day, because well, it’s inevitable that there will probably be a day or two where the shiny wears off and she’ll wonder if it was worth it.  I firmly believe that it will be.  She is following her passion – and that is ALWAYS worth it.

I’m very proud of you, Lucy – I wish I’d had even half your guts when I was twenty one.  Buy some cozy sweaters and prepare to have a great adventure.  You will be magnificent.  This calls for a celebration!

And speaking of celebrations (how’s that for a segue?) NEWSFLASH: if you have not tried Birthday Cake Oreos, get thee to a supermarket.  I consider them very lagom-friendly, because once you eat one, you will say, “This is all I need.  For the rest of my life, ever.  I need nothing other than this.  This.  Makes. Life.  Just.  Right.”

I’ve only had the chocolate ones, which taste like a piece of chocolate birthday cake, but they make Golden ones too, that I’m assuming would taste like vanilla birthday cake.  I can’t tell you about the golden ones though, because I can’t find any.  Which REALLLLLY pisses me off, because I am obsessed with wanting to try them.  I went to five (yes, FIVE) stores to look for them.  Out of the five, only one store had a shelf marker for them, and the shelf was empty.  All the other stores didn’t even carry them.    I came home seething with contempt for Nabisco and all the store buyers who had stupid Oreo flavors on the shelves like craptastic Neopolitan Oreos or stupid mint Oreos or five hundred different kinds of boring Double Stuff Oreos but not one damn package of GOLDEN BIRTHDAY CAKE OREOS.  Jerks. The same thing happened to me and Lori this past fall when we went on a nationwide hunt for Candy Corn Oreos, and no one, and I do mean NO ONE had them.  Lori even had family members in Los Angeles and New York looking for them.  IT MAKES ME SO MAD. FOR THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT I’VE PUT INTO TRYING TO FIND SPECIALTY OREOS AND ALWAYS COMING UP EMPTY HANDED, NABISCO SHOULD SEND ME GAS MONEY AND FREE COOKIES!  RAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!

But I did find the chocolate ones and they really are delicious, so even if that’s all you can find, you should try those.  Buy a package in honor of Lucy’s success.  Or your own success.  Or the fact that it’s Monday night.  Do I really need to give you a reason?  No, I don’t.  Just buy some.

You’re welcome.


A cookie party in your cakehole