And THAT, my friends, is how you narrate and produce a 25 chapter audio book in six days – one day before the deadline.

I feel like such a badass right now.

I shouldn’t though…the only reason I had to do the book that quickly in the first place was because I misread my contract (and thank God something made me check the contract when I did).  The fact that I got it done at all is great and a total relief, but jeez…what a stupid thing to do, and what an unnecessary amount of stress.  I know I’ve wished I had a little more work right now, but in light of what just happened, all I can say is thank God I didn’t have a bunch of other commitments over this past week so I actually had time to pull it off.

I have always been a pretty hardcore procrastinator.  That is definitely an area where I need to find my lagom.  But I’m not a fan of extreme planning in advance either, because I feel like it doesn’t leave enough room for new inspiration and spontaneity to hit, which are two things I really value.  I tend to change my mind a lot and get overwhelmed by too many options (if you’ve ever had to watch me pick out a nail color polish for a pedicure, you know this to be true), so sometimes having a time limit and being forced to make quick decisions and go with my gut instincts is helpful to me.

But there has got to be a better balance than the way I do things right now.  For instance, right now, instead of writing this blog post, I should be doing all the things I completely let slide last week while I got the book done (laundry, audition prep, script reading, house cleaning, bill paying, appointment making, answering email, etc.).  In the time it’s taking me to write this, I could start any one of those things.  And yet…in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I don’t really have anything that’s due TOMORROW, so it can wait, right?”  Which means once again, I’ll probably get down to the wire with the next thing that’s due and end up scraping it in at the last second.  Awesome.

I was thinking it could be interesting to do a project similar to my “Giveaway/Throwaway” project – only this one around not procrastinating.  For one week maybe I would try to do at least one thing each day that was urgently due (or overdue), and one thing that wasn’t urgently due – where I had a cushion of a week or more.  Maybe it would create a balance where nothing ever got dangerously down to the wire.  How nice would that be?

And why is it, that as I try to REALLY think about putting that plan into motion, I am suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to watch trashy television or screw around on Pinterest for a while?


My only view for the past week