Okay, so remember how I swore I wasn’t going to buy any more candy until the candy we already had was gone?

Yeah, me too.  Well, I kinda cheated on that promise.

In my defense, I have been SO GOOD.  I lovelovelove Easter candy, and I did not buy ANY this year – not one delicious, sugary, pastel, chocolatey bunny/chick shaped piece of happiness.  I was very, very, VERY good.

But then, I had to go to the store to buy a birthday card, and there it was – the 50% off all Easter candy table.  Piles and piles of Peeps, peanut butter eggs, bubble gum eggs, chocolate eggs, and  jelly beans…a table of temptation.

And did I mention it was 50% off?  I did?  Well, it’s worth repeating.  IT WAS 50% OFF, PEOPLE!!!

I looooove me some jelly beans.  An not the fancy-schmancy tropical fruit flavor, Jelly Belly gourmet blahblahblah beans, or jumbo sized/mini sized/anything else clever.  Just the basic, old school, primary/secondary colored, normal boring jelly beans.  And they had a bag just like that on the table.  For fifty-nine cents after the discount.

So, I broke my promise.


Jelly Beans, aka LUNCH.

And you know what?  I honestly don’t feel that bad about breaking it.  They were cheap.  They were exactly what I was craving.  And the bag is pretty much devoured already, so they won’t be taking up cupboard space for long.

Being a little bad felt a little good.  I need to remember that.