Today’s Giveaway Item:


This serving dish is part of a set I bought at Pottery Barn, before Ron and I were married.  At a certain point, I remember thinking it wasn’t a given that I was going to ever get married, so instead of waiting for a wedding to buy nice housewares, I just went ahead and bought them.  Then, when Ron and I got married, we did the whole registry thing so I gave the majority of the dish set I had bought to my 23 year old co-worker, who was just starting out and needed stuff like that.  I did however, keep a few serving pieces from that set, since the set we registered for didn’t have any.

But the reality is, we don’t really use  serving pieces.  As I mentioned with the plate chargers on day 3 of this project, we can be a little lazy when it comes to setting a nice table.  We DO sit down at the table to eat all our meals, but we tend to plate the food in the kitchen.  It creates less dishes to wash, and since neither Ron or I enjoy spending the little free time we have together cleaning, that is a good thing.  This serving dish has been holding fun-sized candy bars in our crowded candy cupboard, but after having it nearly crash down on my head a couple times when I was digging around for the specific candy I wanted, I’ve decided it’s time for it to go to the Goodwill.

Today’s Throwaway Item:


This bronzer was another costume makeup purchase, and it wasn’t even for me – I bought it for Ron for a Halloween costume.  I had a show on the night of the party we were going to, so I told him to get ready while I was gone, and I would get ready as fast as I could as soon as I got home.  Ron doesn’t know how to apply makeup, so left to his own devices, he did his best with the bronzer, but I will never forget coming home and seeing him sitting very, very still in an armchair.   He’d caked so much bronzer onto his face it was coming off in an avalanche of little chunks every time he spoke or moved his head.  You can see from the picture above that he went through a fair amount of it – the bottom of the tin is showing in places, and that was just for one night.  It still makes me laugh every time I think about it.  I have pictures of our costumes from that party, so I don’t need a half-used, definitely expired cake of bronzer as a memento. I’m sure Ron will be glad to see it go too.