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I itch just looking at this

I itch just looking at this

My skin is allergic to practically EVERYTHING.  But in particular, it reacts badly to “fragrance mix” which is in a lot of cleaning products–like detergent, shampoo, bubble bath, soap, lotion, etc.  It took years of breaking out in weird rashes and scratching my skin in my sleep till it bled to finally start working with a dermatologist to figure out what was causing it.  Now I’m very careful about the products I use on my skin, and always buy unscented laundry products to avoid future suffering.  It’s a bummer, because I LOVE all that stuff, especially cleaning products that make your skin and laundry smell like lavender or lemon or line dried  freshly showered spring ocean breeze or whatever other tranquility-inducing name they assign to it.

So it’s a mystery to me how I ended up with this box of scented dryer sheets.  They do sell unscented Bounce, and I have a box of it in my laundry area right now, but for some reason, I must have mistakenly bought a box of scented ones too.  And for even more puzzling reasons, I kept it.  Brilliant, right?  I kept a box of something that if I used it, I know for a fact it would give me a horrible, claw-my-own-skin-off rash.  Genius.  I gave the box to my friend Kelley, who is not allergic to everything, and am glad she will get some use out of it.

Today’s Throwaway Item:


I bought these press on nails for a costume of some kind – it might have been Halloween, but it’s also possible it was for a student film I worked on.  In any case, I can’t figure out why I still have them.  I’ve already used the nails that are the right size for my fingers, so most of what’s left are too big – which means I’d have to buy a new box if I wanted a full set.  The glue is so dried up I couldn’t even get the cap off.

I’ve often saved costume stuff like this, thinking maybe some day it would come in handy.  But I can tell you from experience that it is very rare I’ve dug through costume makeup I’ve kept and found anything that was still usable.  I really should toss it right after the party or show.  But gosh, then again, you never know when you’ll need a Real Housewives worthy french manicure…life is just sooooo unpredictable!