Today’s Giveaway Item:


I vividly remember the day I bought this necklace – I was super anxious and stressed about a health situation, and almost on autopilot I headed into the mall to shop to make myself feel better.  I distinctly knew I shouldn’t be shopping – I didn’t have the money, and if my health situation didn’t turn out good, I was going to have even less money.  So I went to Forever 21, and cheered myself up by buying cheap jewelry.  To be clear, I’m not a Forever 21 snob – I have some jewelry from Forever 21 that I LOVE  that looks much more expensive and quality than it actually is, and that I always get compliments on when I wear it.  But I know on the day I bought this, I was simply practicing retail therapy – it didn’t matter what I bought, I just needed to buy SOMETHING.  And of course, when the health situation turned out to be nothing to worry about, and I was no longer anxious and stressed, I totally lost interest in this necklace.  I don’t even remember if I ever wore it – maybe once, if that.  The good news?  It was cheap, so I didn’t waste a bunch of money.  But that doesn’t mean I need to keep it.  I don’t know of anyone in particular who might like it, so I’m putting it in the Goodwill.

Today’s Throwaway Item:

These tights (not pictured anymore – please refer to my post of May 31, 2013 to understand why).  The color isn’t so bad, but to be honest, they never really fit me right – even right out of the package, they were kinda big, even though they were the smallest size.  And after a few wears and washes, they stretched out even more, so when I put them on, I always have a bunch of excess material bunched up in places, like wrinkled, mustard-brown skin.  They remind me of tights I wore as a little girl, when I had outgrown my previous size, but still didn’t fit into the next size up, so they wrinkled and bagged and drooped and I spent all day hiking them up.  I probably have not worn these in about five years, but for some reason have hung on to them – why I’m not sure.  Time for them to go.