Today’s Giveaway Item:


Really more of a “giveback” item, I borrowed these knitting needles from my friend Val around Christmas, and have yet to return them.  Shameful.  It irritates me when I lend people items and they’re never returned, so it REALLY bugs me when I realize I’ve done it to someone else.  I emailed her today to set a time to have coffee together, at which point I’ll return them.  I love spending time with her, and she’ll get her stuff back – a win/win.

Today’s Throwaway Item:

Probably about four years ago, I became OBSESSED with the idea of making Thai iced tea at home.  And to do so, you need that special Thai tea that you can’t just buy at your local Safeway.  I was working full time and in rehearsals for something when this obsession hit, so I comandeered poor Ron into the hunt for the tea, sending him to various specialty Asian grocery stores to look for it.  “When you find it, buy a BIG bag,” I demanded.  “Buy TWO.  I am going to make a ton of Thai iced tea.”  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  I think I made plain hot tea with it exactly once, and never made a Thai iced tea with it.  They only sold the tea loose, and I’m not a fan of the mess loose tea makes- it also involves all sorts of boring steeping and straining and waiting, and I am not a fan of waiting.  And I never have condensed milk on hand.  In the end, waaaay too much trouble for something I can get inexpensively at the Thai restaurant a block away.   A dumbass waste of money and Ron’s time on my part.  I think part of why I held on to it so long was guilt for treating Ron like my little tea-buying bitch.  So I publicly apologize to Ron – and now maybe I can get rid of it without feeling bad.  I gave one of the two bags we bought (the unopened one) away in a food drive.  This bag has been opened, and I have no idea what its shelf life is, so I’m throwing it away.

I get tired just looking at this bag.  Too.  Much.  Trouble.

I get tired just looking at this bag. Too. Much. Trouble.