I’ve decided to try a daily blogging project, which I will lamely call the “Giveaway/Throwaway Project.”  As the totally uncreative title suggests, every day for a week I will find one useable item in my possession to give away to someone who might find it useful, and I will also find an item that I think is beyond repurposing and toss it.

Some rules:

  1. The “Throwaway” item can’t be obvious trash – for instance, gum wrappers in the bottom of my purse don’t count as my daily throwaway item.  It has to be something I am no longer using, but for whatever reason I wouldn’t feel right passing it on to someone else
  2. If I don’t personally know someone I can pass the “Giveaway” item to, I can donate it to the Goodwill.
  3. If the giveaway item is valuable, I can also sell it on Ebay or at a resale store instead of giving it away.  If it doesn’t sell, it either gets passed to a new owner or donated to the Goodwill, no exceptions.
  4. Returning a borrowed item to its rightful owner can also count as a “Giveaway” item

I’ll post pictures of each item, along with why I’m getting rid of it.  If you’re intrigued, feel free to play along at home, and post in the comments what your items for the day are. It’ll be nice to have the company.

Shall we start?

Today’s Giveaway item:


This bottle of Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser.  Previously, I wrote about not buying any more cosmetics until I’d used up what I already had.  I used up all of my trusty, drugstore, Cetaphil cleanser, and so I moved on to this fancier, much more expensive Kiehl’s facial wash that I had in my cupboard.  I used to wash my face with it all the time, and it worked great.  That is not the case anymore.  For a facial wash that is meant to STOP my skin from breaking out, it now seems to CAUSE me to break out.  Wonderful.  I passed it on to my friend Lori to try – everyone’s skin is so different, maybe it will work better for her.

Today’s Throwaway item:

This bathmat.  I came across this one in our linen closet while my friend Kelley was here – I was washing the towels from the guest bathroom and went to put out a new bathmat, and noticed this one had a weird stain on it:

The stain is towards the bottom left hand corner of the picture - trust me, it's much brighter in person

The stain is towards the bottom left hand corner of the picture – it doesn’t show up well in the photograph, but trust me, it’s much brighter and very obvious in person

Anyone wanna play “Name That Stain”?  Because I have no idea what it is.  Since it’s yellow, I would guess urine, but that would be extremely odd  – it’s definitely not from me or Ron, we don’t have kids, and Stella is too short to climb up on the edge of the tub, not to mention, she hates baths and avoids the bathtub for fear we’ll give her one if she gets near it.  I suppose it’s possible that Stella might have made her mark on a pile of towels waiting to be laundered down in the basement, but it’s exceptionally rare that she does that kind of thing.  In any case, there is no way I will put this bathmat out for guests and have them wondering, “Is that…pee?”  I’m guessing most people would feel the same way, so it seems uncool to donate it to the Goodwill.  In the trash it goes.