In my current financial crunch, it’s been in the back of my mind that if I needed to, I had some jewelry I could sell.  Mind you, we are not talking about piles of gold necklaces and five carat diamonds – I could not wipe out any major debt with what I own.  But to make a minimum monthly VISA payment?  Yes, I could potentially accomplish that.

I have been thinking about how much jewelry I own, and how little of it I actually wear, and selling some of the lesser-to-never worn pieces has felt like a decent option for making ends meet. Ron often gave me nice jewelry as gifts for special occasions (this was back when we both held full time jobs), but at a certain point, I noticed I only really wore the same stuff on a daily basis:  my wedding rings, my grandmother’s wedding ring, my good silver watch, a pair of cubic zicornia diamond studs, and a rotation of about 5-6 silver necklaces.  So I asked Ron not to buy me any more jewelry for a while, because the only jewelry item I still wanted was a pair of real one carat diamond studs to replace my CZ ones someday, and I secretly doubted we would ever be able to afford that.

Ron was good to his word, but because he’s an awesome husband and a true romantic at heart, he got me a pair of real diamond studs – A little less than half a carat each, but damn, they were real diamonds!  I was floored, and totally touched by the gift, and loved that he wanted so much for me to have my dream earrings.

I’m embarrassed to admit though, I only wore the real ones a couple of times, always preferring my fake ones because they were bigger (yep, sometimes size does matter).  And let’s face it, how often does someone ask you if your diamonds are real?  Never, in my experience.  I liked the way the fake ones looked, and that won every time.  So the real diamond earrings sat in my jewelry case, getting dull and tarnished.

With my VISA payment looming this month, I decided to see what I could fetch for them at a local jeweler who advertised buying gold, silver, and diamonds.  Along with the earrings, I had two white gold bands from rings where the stone had been removed and set into other jewelry, and since I couldn’t think of what else I would do with them, I decided to see if those might sell as well.


The Loot

The jeweler measured the diamond earrings, and said they wouldn’t be able to buy them because their minimum size to buy was a half carat and mine were just under that (like I said, size does seem to matter).  They did however, buy the white gold bands.  They wrote me a check for $69 – not quite a minimum VISA payment for me, but it is money I didn’t have yesterday, and I’m grateful for that.  $69 closer to paying off my debt, people.  It’s all about baby steps.