I know I’ve mentioned how much I love to eat, but have I mentioned that I also love to bake?  I haven’t?  Well, I love it.  I’m actually not that stellar of a cook – that’s Ron’s department.  He makes all our best dinners and cocktails.  But I am in charge of dessert, and I’m not shy to say I’m pretty good at it – probably because I love eating it so much.  I like that when you bake, if you follow the recipe, it almost always turns out.  Cooking on the other hand, seems more instinctive and improvisational, and you can screw it up easier.  And potentially give people food poisoning.  I do not like the idea of being responsible for giving people food poisoning.

Today was rainy and grey and cold out, and that almost always puts me in the mood to bake something.  It warms up the whole house and feels very comforting.  But I didn’t feel like going to the store (re: rainy and grey and cold out), and I definitely didn’t feel like buying ingredients (re: super broke).  So I decided to look around and see what we had on hand that I might be able to turn into something decadent.  And I found something.

Remember these?

Candy box

I was kind of wondering what I was going to do with all those Milky Ways.  Obviously, I could just sit and eat them, but odd as it may sound, I’m getting a little bored with just eating candy.  (Don’t judge.  We have a lot of candy to work through – you try it sometime).

This is where my love of trolling Pinterest for food porn once again proved useful.  I came across a pin for a Milky Way cookie!  Actually, the recipe was for Deep Dish Milky Way cookies, (or Mars Bars, for my European readers), meant to be baked in one of those muffin top pans, which sounded AWESOME, but we don’t have one of those pans, and I wasn’t about to go buy one.  We did own one once, but got rid of it because we never used it.  If I had only thought of baking cookies in it, that thing would have been in constant rotation.

We had every single ingredient already on hand.  Perfect!  They’re basically a brown sugar cookie dough (like for a chocolate chip cookie), but with chopped Milky Ways folded in.  Here they are about to go into the oven:


And here they are on their way out:


They’re pretty damn good.  The best part?  All that carmel goodness melting out of the underbelly of the cookie:


I love that I was able to meet a craving with stuff I already have.  I think there will be many more candy inspired cookies in my future.