So yesterday, I wrote a post about cuts I was having to make to survive financially right now, and how I was bummed out about that.  One of the things I talked about was not being able to afford to get my hair colored.  I published the post around 5:30 pm.

Around 6pm, my cell phone rang.  It was Gary, my fantastic stylist of the past fifteen or so years.  He was calling because a hair color manufacturer who had been the main supplier of hair color for a salon he worked at when I first started going to him was looking to be the supplier for the salon he’s at now.  He used to use their color on me all the time.  They were offering the stylists in his current salon an opportunity to test the color for free on one client each, and he was calling to see if I wanted to be his test client.  Before he could even finish his sentence I shouted “I’M IN!!!”

Today, when he texted me to set up the appointment, I asked him if he had seen my blog post before or after he called me yesterday.

He texted back, “After.  Unbelievable.”

Um, are YOU KIDDING ME?  The timing of the whole thing kind of blows my mind.  It was a good reminder of how things can, and will, always change.  And I was also reminded of how lucky I am to have such incredible, supportive, magic making friends in my life.

I’m also happy to report that Stella is 100% back to her normal self this morning – even sans nine teeth.  I think she may even feel better than usual, since she doesn’t have infected, rotting teeth in her head anymore.  What appears as loss in one moment, can actually be gain in the next.  I guess I just need to learn to wait for it.

Feeling much better.  And with her  tongue back in her mouth.

Feeling much better. And with her tongue back in her mouth.