Sometimes, for purely sentimental reasons, I have a hard time getting rid of stuff.  I don’t really need or use it anymore, but I still can’t seem to let it go.  And sometimes, the stuff isn’t even mine.

When we were first married, I made Ron an Easter basket, that I filled with candy and a stuffed bunny that I thought was super cute.  Ron was sweet and receptive, but unsurprisingly, he was more interested in the candy than the bunny.  He didn’t make an effort to get rid of it, but he wasn’t particularly attached to it either.  If it had disappeared he never would have said, “Hey, where’s my bunny?”

Maybe because I had enjoyed picking the bunny out when I was putting the basket together, I had formed a sentimental attachment that made it hard for me to get rid of it.  One day while we were making the bed, I picked it up and asked, “Do you want to get rid of this?” and without missing a beat Ron said, “Yes.”  So I put it in the Goodwill pile.  But I kept rescuing it back out – not to be used, but to be placed in a NEW Goodwill pile.  I just wasn’t ready to part with it.

The other day I was heading over to see my friend Lori and her sons Jake and Sam, and on my way out of the house, I remembered the bunny.  I ran back in and grabbed it.  When I arrived, I asked if one of them might like it, and Sam immediately chirped “I want it!!!”

He does seem particularly attached to it.


Maybe I was just waiting for someone to love it as much as I did, because I can totally part with it now.