This post is for you.

Yes, YOU.  You know who you are.  Even though I don’t.

What I know about you is you read my blog post about wanting to buy a shirt at The Moth the other night, but resisting because I have shirts I already need to get rid of, and I don’t have the money to buy any fun stuff right now. I also think we must know each other, because you have my address.  And because you’re a freaking ROCKSTAR of a human being, you used both those pieces of information to totally make my day.

This package arrived in the mail.

moth package

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the return address.  I wondered for a minute if I had, in a delirious shopping haze, actually gone on the Moth website and bought something and forgotten about it.  Maybe after a few drinks. Stranger things have happened.

I opened it.  And look what was inside – in the exact style I wanted, and the perfect size:

moth shirt


I almost started crying.  Yes, I know, it’s just a shirt.  But knowing that someone was so kind to surprise me like this, with something I wanted but couldn’t afford, was overwhelming – in the best possible way.  And there wasn’t a card or message of any kind to give credit where credit was due.

Whoever you are – I wish I could give you a huge hug and tell you in person how much this gesture means to me.  Thank you, for being so generous and sweet.  And I want you to know, I kept my end of the bargain.  Remember how I said I would only get the shirt if I paid down my credit card to a reasonable balance and got rid of five shirts I already owned?  You saved me the step of the credit card (which in all honesty, will probably take about a year, maybe longer to accomplish), but I made good on the shirt purge.  Here are the ones I am getting rid of:



It’s a great trade – I love my Moth shirt.  I love that it supports an organization that has brought me a ton of happiness with its stories, and it is not lost on me that in secretly gifting me a shirt from a storytelling series, you also have given me a great story to tell.  Very meta.  Maybe I’ll tell it at The Moth someday – if I do, I hope you’re there to hear it.  And I hope you step forward to take credit, so I can do something nice for you in return.

Every time I wear it, I’ll think fondly of you -especially if I figure out who you are.

I ❤ whoever gave me this shirt