I’m at the point I always hit with every blog I’ve tried to keep – the initial burst of energy towards writing several times a week has waned, and I’m having to work hard to reinforce my commitment to it.  Ugh.  The good news is, the whole idea of finding my lagom is still a present, daily thought.  I’m just struggling to remember to write about it, especially in the midst of piles of laundry, performing, auditioning, recording, and the like.  But trying to find my lagom, especially where possessions are concerned, has been on my mind a lot lately.

One thing I’ve committed to this week is using up what I already own of an item before I allow myself to buy more.  For many people, I’m sure this is not a challenge at all.  They will read this and think, “Why on earth would you keep buying shampoo if you already have a full bottle in your shower?”  They are right, of course, and I envy them that logic.  All I have to say is that my brain just doesn’t work that way.  It sees a new bottle of shampoo in the store with it’s promise of prettier, silkier, fuller, cleaner, better-smelling hair, and boom – I’m in the hot clutches of the Want Monster again.  I’m also a total whore for good packaging – I cannot tell you how many times I have suckered into buying a mediocre product because the packaging was cute.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at my bathroom cabinet:


It’s actually a little emptier than usual because I’m in a show right now, so some stuff is in a bag that I take to the theatre.  The top shelf is cosmetics.  The bottom shelf is hair and skin products.  Some of the items are things I’ve bought, some are things friends have given me, some are samples – both paid and free.  I know, it’s a LOT of product.  I love makeup and hair products.  But I actually go through cosmetics pretty slowly, so it’s even more ridiculous that I own so much, especially since cosmetics have a shelf life.  So I have committed to not buying any more hair/skin/makeup products until I have completely used up my current stock.   I have given myself permission to throw away any item I start to use and decide I don’t like (either because it’s past it’s prime or it’s not working for me anymore), but I am not allowed to keep holding on to it if I’m not going to actively use it – it’s either going on my person, or in the trash.

Another cupboard that is a bit overstocked is our candy cupboard:

Happiness on a shelf

Happiness on a shelf

And because we can’t fit everything we have in the cupboard, we also have a large shoe box full of candy too:

Apparently, you can never have too many Milky Ways

Apparently, you can never have too many Milky Ways

I am a candy JUNKIE.  I love it.  I know you love it too, but trust me, I love it more.  When I was growing up we had a candy cupboard that my Mom kept well stocked, and we were allowed to help ourselves to whatever we wanted.  As a result, I’ve grown up with a fair amount of restraint towards candy – I adore it, but I never feel compelled to sit down and devour a whole bag of Snickers – a piece or two a day satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me happy.  I will always keep some in the house.  But even I have to admit our collection is a bit out of control.  So no more candy purchasing till what we have is gone.  I would like to note that my friends Lori and Kristen did just give me these dark chocolate caramel graham crackers with sea salt that I wolfed down the majority of while my husband was away in China, so I will be buying another box  so he can enjoy some too, because they are AMAZING.  But that’s the only exception.

Some people may wonder why I don’t just throw out/give away all the excess.  Well, technically, it is stuff I am using–if I tossed it all, I would end up buying more, so it’s not a matter of merely purging and reorganizing.  But I have realized that no matter how much I love something, I don’t have to keep adding to my stash, especially when I don’t have very much (okay, any) disposable income.  One bag of candy is enough, and I don’t need a drugstore’s worth of makeup in my bathroom to feel pretty.

I will be curious to see how long it takes before I actually need to buy something new in either category.  Anyone want to place any bets?